Our Team

Aaron Ma

President of Matech


Meet Aaron, the President of Matech, a dynamic technical staffing solutions provider. As President, Aaron plays a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s core values and visions, ensuring Matech stays true to its mission and reaches new heights.


From managing budgets and driving client acquisitions to conducting sales training and recruitment, he’s a well-rounded front runner with a keen eye for business opportunities. Leading Matech brings Aaron immense satisfaction as he witnesses the company’s growth and development firsthand. Seeing the organization flourish and make a positive impact on clients and candidates is what fuels his passion for his work.


What sets Aaron apart in his interactions and service are his exceptional skills in delivering results promptly and within the client’s budget. Moreover, his knack for identifying and securing the best talent for the job is unparalleled, making him a go-to resource for clients and candidates alike.


In terms of his background, Aaron earned his degree from Davenport University in 2008. Since then, he has spent over 15 years in IT sales and recruitment, gaining invaluable experience and industry insight. Before building Matech, he served as a business development manager for a Fortune 500 staffing company. Beyond work, Aaron cherishes his role as a family-oriented person; he finds joy in spending quality time with his son.

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Matech has conquered the learning curve. On day one, we hit the ground running, offering job search and hiring solutions responsive to your goals and timelines. From start to finish, Matech is your partner in all things tech.